Tips for Promoting Holiday Products on Your E-Commerce Website

By Ruth Hawk, Saturday, November 24, 2018
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Between now and the end of December, website visitors will have one goal: To find holiday gifts to purchase. With more than a hundred billion dollars up for grabs, successfully promoting your holiday products on your e-commerce website is critical to a profitable season. Begin now! Implement promotional strategies that make it easy for visitors to locate the products and services they most want. To help get you started, here are a few tips.

Identify the products most likely to sell well on your e-commerce website.

The first step in promoting your holiday products is to identify those items most likely to appeal to your customers this season. Promoting these items will likely win you more sales than promoting less desirable items. There are a number of ways to go about finding the products most likely to sell well for your business this year. For example, you can research trending items on Google or Amazon that apply to your industry.

 Products that Sell Well

Amazon often includes lists of the top 100 products in certain categories that you can use to identify items that may be popular among your consumers. Similarly, researching last year’s most popular items may give you insights into what your customers are looking for this year.

Consider examining your data from last year for clues into what sold well. If you find that certain items, or certain categories, sold particularly well, you may want to promote those same sorts of things. Using your own data, combined with an awareness of larger trends, you should be able to pinpoint items that you can promote successfully this holiday season.

Create landing pages around popular categories for your e-commerce website.

If you are going to promote popular items on your e-commerce website, you need to have solid landing pages for people to explore. Once they go looking for those items, landing pages can inspire other options that help with their holiday shopping. Advertisements and keywords that direct people toward a certain type of watch need to lead people to landing pages that are all about those watches.

Gift Categories 

Create targeted landing pages focused on the product categories or even the specific products you wish to promote. Each page should include rich search terms, highlight important products for the category, or important details about the specific product you are featuring. Include calls to action (that hopefully include encouraging visitors to buy from you). By doing so, you create greater visibility for the items you most wish to promote on your e-commerce website this holiday season.

Learn from last year’s data.

Consulting last year’s data was suggested above as a way to identify popular sellers from the previous holiday season. However, that data can also give you insights into how to promote your desired items this year.

For example, do you find that one search term did well, but that a synonymous search term did not? Try linking those search terms in your landing pages and search engine optimization efforts this year. By doing this, you can capture the interest of customers no matter what search terms they use for your products.

On the other hand, does your data show that people abandoned items partway through checkout? Consider whether your shipping policy was visible enough and desirable enough to encourage the purchase of that item. By learning from last year’s data and any mistakes that the data highlights, you can more successfully promote your holiday products on your e-commerce website this year.

Make sure your autocomplete options are up to date.

Hopefully, you have a search feature on your e-commerce website that will autofill searches to enable customers to identify desired items. However, unless you update the autofill feature, you may accidentally have customers looking for items like “Halloween decorations” instead of “Christmas stockings.”

Searching for perfection

Ensure that these options are updated for the holiday season. Revise your search terms for the holidays. They automatically provide access to the products you have deemed likely to be most popular with your customers this year. Creating updated options and making it easy for people to locate the perfect gifts on your e-commerce website will go far in winning you customers this year.

Include product recommendations on your e-commerce website’s product pages.

Finally, consider including product recommendations on your e-commerce website’s product pages. For example, on a product page about a certain type of watch, consider including recommendations for accessories like watch batteries. If you are promoting men’s shoes, recommend some of your most popular types.

These recommendations work best when they closely complement the content of the product pages on which they appear. Customers are more likely to purchase items and appreciate your recommendations if those suggestions are relevant to what they are already interested in.

You may want to ensure that the products recommended are actually things that your customers will want. This means making sure that the recommendations are also popular items that your customers are likely to buy.

Promoting your products on your e-commerce website is an exceptional way to increase your holiday sales. That means that doing so is a great way to enjoy more of the holiday profits pie. Identify products most likely to sell. Create landing pages around popular categories. Learn from last year’s data. Make sure your autocomplete options are updated and include product recommendations. By being mindful of these tips you can more easily, and profitably, promote your best products and services this holiday season.

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