SEO Companies: The Royal Patron of Monkeys and Geniuses Alike

By Rachel Schelter, Wednesday, September 3, 2014
monkey around with web development choices

Do you know the theorem of infinite monkeys? It stipulates that an infinite number of monkeys striking typewriters for an infinite span of time will eventually produce the full text of Hamlet.

Now, our simian friends are wonderful and majestic creatures, so please do not be offended if, in this blog’s metaphor, you are compared to a monkey. But if you find yourself publishing blog posts for your company, or if you are actively engaging in social media, or simply building your brand’s internet presence without consulting an SEO company, consider your strategy more monkey-like than creative genius.

It’s counterintuitive. You are being a thoughtful webmaster as you promote your brand, develop blog posts, and consider your target audience. You are creating useful information and publishing online content. Such a strategy is certainly the mark of a Shakespeare rather than the trick of a keyboard-rattling monkey!

But ranking on Google takes special skills. You will need expert coordination, serious research, and a refined strategy. It’s not that your voice has zero value, and you don’t have to sell your soul to the search engine just to rank. But you will want to enlist professional help.

If you’re skeptical, let’s consider several examples of homemade marketing gone wrong. If, for instance, your company is all about widgets, but the cool kids started calling widgets “fidgets” a few years back, you may not have been keyed into that latest trend. If you haven’t shifted your vocabulary, you’ll be too far gone to repair the damage. SEO companies specialize in knowing this type of critical information.

And SEO is about much more than keywords, which is a surface-level detail of websites. On the back-end of your company’s website, there is even more important information being shared. There may be content management systems to update, as well as internal link structuring. You will want a refined tagging system, along with effective headers and meta-descriptions, and functional compliant code.  It is also important to balance frequent content updates on your website with frequent content updates on other websites, blogs, and social channels.  You also need to encourage social sharing of your content and take advantage of press opportunities that will give your business more authority on the web.  Furthermore, link building is no longer a task for an average ape, because it requires caution to ensure the links are quality relationships.

I have nothing against monkeys; if they were to take a liking to typing, I imagine their passion, vigor, and playfulness would be an example to all of us. But in the case of getting the word out about your company, you may want your actual strategy to have more Shakespeare than Simian. After all, even Shakespeare had royal patronage and strong connections in the theater. For your secret web content genius, simply enlist the help of a qualified SEO company.

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