Tips for Creating a Compelling About Us Page for Your E-Commerce Website

By Ruth Hawk, Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Next to the home page, the About Us page is one of the most visited web pages on any website. With an Internet full of businesses clamoring for their attention (and money) consumers often turn to the About Us page to sort the wheat out from the chaff before they buy. At the same time, businesses sometimes feel intimidated by the prospect of putting together an About Us page for their e-commerce website. Often, this nervousness comes from the need to talk about the company in a way that is customer-focused. Choosing the right pieces of information to share in the right way can feel difficult. However, the potential benefits of a well-crafted About Us page make the effort worth it. To help you get started, and to remove some of the mystique surrounding a great About Us page, what follows are some tips for creating a compelling page for your e-commerce website.

Don’t try to copy someone else’s approach to an About Us page for their e-commerce website.

There are many examples of great About Us pages out there. You can even find collections of these pages through a simple Google search. Browsing through some of them might be a good idea if you are looking for inspiration. However, you must resist the temptation to copy their approach. The About Us page should reflect the unique qualities and values of your own business. Trying to force your brand into someone else’s template will almost always result in watering down the strength of your own offerings.

Instead, if you like what you see on someone else’s About Us page, think about whether those elements will even work for your own business, and then find a way to put your own unique spin on them. For example, a video from the CEO might not work for your business, but a different type of video may. By ensuring that you stay true to your brand, you will end up with an About Us page that is truly all about the ways your business stands out from the rest.

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Use a consistent, branded voice throughout your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

Sometimes, businesses get hung up on what tone to use on their About Us page. Striking the right balance of informative and engaging can feel intimidating. However, what they forget is that they already have a unique, branded voice they can use. This voice shows up in their company emails, product descriptions, white papers, press releases, and other company material. This voice is ideal for creating a compelling About Us page for your custom e-commerce website because it adds consistency and uniqueness to your content. When people read about your business in your voice, they feel as if they are getting to know your business in a real way, and that encourages them to trust and engage with your e-commerce website.

Tell a story on your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

Stories naturally engage people. We are built to respond to and remember information when presented in a story format. As a result, creating a narrative within your e-commerce website’s About Us page can dramatically increase the appeal of that page and enable your business to stand out from others. When telling a story, focus on the arc of a traditional story: A beginning, middle, and end. Often, in the case, of a company’s story, the arc moves from past to present to future: Where has your company been, where is it now, and where do you plan to take it in the future? When crafting this story, focus on details that will be important and interesting to your audience. Condensing the history of your business to its essential elements is especially important when your business has a long or complicated history. Tell your audience enough to engage and educate them,

Incorporate information that adds credibility to your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

While the tone of your e-commerce website’s About Us page should be conversational, your content should be informative. Your About Us page is your opportunity to show your audience the reliability and success of your company. As a result, include statistics and credentials on the page. For example, instead of saying, “We have built a presence around the world,” say “We have built a presence in 49 countries throughout the world.” Instead of saying, “We belong to a number of professional organizations,” mention the most prominent of them. And, instead of saying, “We have earned awards for our work,” describe the specific awards you have received.

Include a variety of media on your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

Another technique for adding interest to your e-commerce website’s About Us page is to use several different types of media. Doing so prevents a wall of text that visitors might find off-putting. Plus, it makes it more interesting for visitors to peruse your company’s history and offerings. Examples of media that you can use include videos, timelines, infographics, images, and social media links. The exact types of media you use, and how you use them, will depend very much upon the style of your e-commerce website and your brand. However, almost every website can use at least a couple of different types of media to enrich its About Us page.

Include customer testimonials on your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

Finally, you can build a compelling About Us page for your e-commerce website by including customer testimonials on the page. These testimonials provide what is called social proof, or third-party validation that your business is what it claims to be. When providing these customer testimonials, follow a few simple guidelines. First, include as much information about the customer as possible. Doing so will increase your credibility. Second, limit the testimonials to two or three on the page. There are other places within your e-commerce website where you can place more.

Always include your contact information on your e-commerce website’s About Us page.

Finally, you should always make sure that your contact information is easily accessible through your e-commerce website’s About Us page. This information will make it easy for customers to reach you if they are impressed by your business or have any questions. The contact information on your e-commerce website should be as complete as possible. For example, multiple phone numbers, an address, an email, a live chat option, and more provide a number of ways for people to reach you. As a result, they will find it easier to connect with you if they have any questions they wish to direct to you.


Creating a compelling About Us page for your e-commerce website means including the right kinds of information in order to engage and educate your visitors. By adopting your own unique approach, using a consistent, branded voice; telling a story, incorporating statistics and awards, including a variety of media, including customer testimonials, and placing your contact information on the About Us page, you can write a page that achieves its goals without feeling impossible to write.

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