5 Professional Qualifications to Be a Web Developer

By Megan Marshall, Thursday, February 3, 2022
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It has come time for you to hire a web developer to get your business off the ground. But what exactly should you expect from them? Web developers are programmers who are responsible for building websites that are user-friendly. Regardless of the device, someone visiting your site should be able to easily navigate it at any point in time. Here are some of the necessary qualifications to be a web developer that you need to look for to determine whether they are the right choice.

Write Code that Works Correctly

The most critical part of a web developer’s job is to know at least one programming language. While there are hundreds out there, some of the most popular languages today are Java, Python, PHP, C++, and C#. Python, in particular, offers the best frameworks for artificial intelligence. There is also a range of paradigms of languages, from procedural to object-oriented to command. This is how we can communicate with computers, considering they don’t understand human languages. A qualification to be a web developer is that they need to be able to compile their code into machine language. Without the knowledge of the logics they can apply, you can’t expect them to build an effective web application.

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Ability to Build a Custom Website

Whether you are creating a business website or an e-commerce shop, your web developer should know how to build a custom site essentially from scratch or with a standard content management system (CMS). This depends entirely on what you need. For sites dependent on web access management (WAM), or the authorization of users for web applications through usernames and passwords, you should go the custom development route. Custom development provides you with more possibilities for a satisfactory user experience. They are also highly scalable, with personalized integrated systems. However, be mindful of your timeframe and budget. If both are limited, it may be better to use a CMS, which has numerous features to get your project done quickly.

Easily Maintain Web Applications

It isn’t just about the initial code working, but it is also about whether that code can be enhanced when in collaboration with the team. A key qualification to be a web developer is to know how to use the three building blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. First, HTML is responsible for how the internet functions, allowing your web developer to create custom websites with unique functionalities. Second, CSS defines how a web page is presented on the internet with static or, preferably, responsive web design. Finally, with JavaScript, your web developer can integrate what makes your website dynamic and interactive through gamification, animation, and graphics.

Good at Problem-Solving

Developing a website is a challenge. On top of being detail-oriented, one of the core qualifications to be a web developer is being comfortable with solving problems. The second something goes wrong, they need to search for it and provide a solution. There may be problems with the user interface design, website speed, or security. Even if your web developer built the site on a great infrastructure, nothing is perfect. Through the use of browser development tools, such as Chrome DevTools, they should be able to locate errors, test, and debug your web applications to keep them functional. Web developers also need to know how to use project management tools. This way, they can organize and monitor your site efficiently.

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Capable of Multitasking

While the daily tasks that web developers receive are dependent on their industry, they are constantly under tight deadlines. This is because they tend to receive several tasks at once. For front-end developers who work on the client-side of the website, tasks may include layout, design, and focusing on how users interact. Alternately, with back-end developers on the server-side, their tasks involve hosting, servers, and databases. Full-stack developers work with both ends, giving them a major workload. On account of some projects being very time-consuming, a qualification to be a web developer is to not be a procrastinator. Find someone who has exceptional organizational skills. That way, they can consistently manage their workflow planning throughout their time with you.


The workload of a web developer varies depending on the size of your business. That being said, the ability to collaborate is a major qualification to be a web developer and affects each of their daily routines. They work alongside your marketing team, content creators, and web designers to create something truly special. Here at WEBii, we are proficient in custom web development, offering quality websites to organizations from all backgrounds. We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can build what you need.

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