A Happy Internet: E-Receipts

By Jacqueline Sinex, Monday, August 22, 2011

We like to talk about “going green”. People, as well as companies, are hunting for ways to save the environment, save money, and be more “green”.

I have always thought that it seems wasteful to print out so many paper receipts at retail stores.

Especially the longer than necessary receipts I get from the pharmacy or grocery store which is filled with 10,000 leagues of coupons and reward incentives. (Why not save that paper by moving the rewards and coupons to an electronic card or online program?)

It looks like the Gap corporation has recognized this opportunity.

During my recent checkout in one of their stores, the cashier asked me if I would prefer an email receipt. My eyes perked up and I replied, “Yes!”. She confirmed my email address on the payment pad and we were set.

I love this new method for customer receipts not only because it saves paper, but it also gives me the opportunity to easily access that information on my computer, and potentially archive it for my accounting records. An excellent example of using Internet technology to make a better world.

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