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Do you struggle with the idea of maintaining a blog with strong SEO keywords?

SEO Target Concept

WEBii stands out from the substandard SEO providers by offering high quality SEO content.  For most of our campaigns, we write several blogs, educational articles, and press releases per month.  Our content is written and edited by in-house professionals.  Our writers are educated, many with degrees in English or Communications, and they speak and write English as a native language. Their skills allow writing styles to be diverse and adjust to your business audience.

We perform extensive research to locate the right keyword phrases and to better understand particular topics related to your industry and your company.

The content we provide you will:

Let WEBii writers do the work by providing regular blogs and articles that position your business as an expert in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing:

How will you write content about my business if you aren’t familiar with the industry?

Over the years, we have written for a wide variety of industries. Our topics range from technology, software, finance, law, adoption, healthcare, art, jewelry, fitness, moving companies, cleaning services, construction and more. Our writers are talented individuals who know how to research. We also love to talk with our customers to get their insight and develop topic ideas. We use resources online, in news feeds and respected publishers to locate facts and statistics. We may also do creative things like interview you to write a press release or develop more personalized content.

How often will you write?

Depending on your customized SEO plan, we may write once a week or more about your business. Our articles are usually very lengthy and keyword-rich, but professional and educational. We always make an effort to get to know your business personality and style so we can adjust the tone of your pieces accordingly. A highly educational piece about technology will have a different tone and style than a fun piece about arts and crafts. For clients with high competition or national spread, we may write 6 or more pieces every month.

Where will the SEO content be published?

We usually recommend posting half of the pieces to your blog and the other half to third party websites, like PR channels and respected authority sites. For clients with a press release service account, we can also help you manage and publish press releases to that service. This will vary for each SEO project. In some cases, the business manages most of the content to their direct website blog and we offset all content that is separate from the blog.

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