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10 Checkout Tips for Improving Conversions on Your Custom E-Commerce Website

Written by Ruth Hawk

As the owner of an e-commerce website, you know how important the checkout process is, because it is the point at which the customer converts from merely being interested in your merchandise to actually committing to a sale. However, did you know that the checkout process is also one of the times that you are most likely to lose a sale? For example, shopping cart abandonment in the first quarter of 2017 was about 75 percent globally.
That is a staggering amount of potential business lost.

The key to cutting down on your abandonment rate and taking advantage of this potential business is to create a checkout process for your custom e-commerce website that caters to your customers’ needs and expectations.

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7 Ideas to Improve Conversion in Your Online Store

Written by Jacqueline Sinex

Establishing a solid shopping cart and web design is a start, but converting visitors into sales in an ongoing science.

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