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There’s a Plugin for That! Helpful Tasks You Can Accomplish with WordPress Plugins

Written by Eli Newman

The great thing about plugins is that they often times take tasks that seem intricate and confusing, and they do the majority of the hard work for you.

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Use E-Learning Web Development to Combat These Top 5 Student Complaints About Online Learning

Written by Ruth Hawk

Last year, the number of students taking at least part of their degrees online rose by 5.7 percent, while the number of students who were taking all of their courses online rose by more than 15 percent. However, not all students are happy with their e-learning experience.

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7 Trending Features of E-Learning Web Development

Written by Jacqueline Sinex

Online training, also known as e-learning, is growing rapidly. One estimate places the number of companies who plan to use e-learning by 2020 at 98
percent. Here are 7 features currently on the rise in the online learning world that you may want to consider for your next project.

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