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WordPress is a popular and reliable platform. Yet just like other software, it requires regular website maintenance. Keep your website secure and operational with our WordPress website maintenance services.

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SEO Setup services by WEBiiWhy is WordPress website maintenance important?

One reason to invest time in regular website maintenance is because of security.

It may seem like your business is unlikely to be at risk, but the truth is that hacking attempts occur every day to all types of websites. Technology rapidly changes, and these changes can affect the reliability of your website. There are thousands of different plugins, extensions, and customizations available on the web today. A small piece of software could have a vulnerability that allows malware or other threats into your site. Sometimes even very popular plugins discover an issue that requires an upgrade to protect site owners from hackers.

Another reason to make maintenance a priority is because of general functionality.

As WordPress versions change, or other features in the website change, a plugin might stop working properly. Plugin authors frequently offer upgrades to apply that fix bugs or address a functionality need. If you don’t apply these things to your WordPress site, it is possible that some features will break and your visitors will begin to complain. Learn more about our experience with WordPress in web design.


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