Web Accessories (Add-Ons)

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Below are modular services you may need to add to your existing web hosting account.  Please contact us with questions about these services or to inquire about custom options.

SSL Certificates Order SSL

An SSL certificate is a secure layer that helps encrypt sensitive transactions on the Web. SSL is a standard in today’s website security and operations. We offer reliable, authorized SSL certificates from DigiCert (formerly Geotrust) for our web hosting customers for $159 per year.  Order an SSL Certificate

Website Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind while our professional development team takes care of regular monitoring and upgrades for your WordPress sites. Learn more about WordPress website maintenance.

Or, contact us about other maintenance and developer support options. We can customize to your needs.

Add-On Web Hosting Resources

Add-On Disk Space (Storage Space)

Additional disk space can be purchased in blocks of 50MB at $5.00 per block per month ($0.10/MB/month).

Add-On Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

Data transfer that exceeds your plan threshold will result in a halt in services for the remainder of the month, until additional data transfer is added. If you would like to add additional data transfer prior to reaching your limit, or if you need to add additional data transfer once you have reached your limit, please contact us.

You may add 10GB blocks at the rate of $25/month. Bandwidth addition is pro-rated according to your current contract length. It requires a 3-month agreement at minimum, per our service terms agreement.

Add-On Email Accounts (POP)

Additional POP3 email accounts can be purchased for $0.25/month per POP3 account.

Additional Auto-Responders

Additional auto-responders can be purchased for $1/month per auto-responder.

Virtual DNS

Virtual DNS allows you to customize your own nameservers for your domain name. For example: your domain name probably currently points to NS1.WEBXESS.NET and NS2.WEBXESS.NET in the “Whois” record of your Domain Registrar. With Virtual DNS, you can create customized nameserver information such as: NS1.yourdomain.com and NS2.yourdomain.com. Each custom nameserver address includes its own unique IP address. Each order includes two nameserver addresses with corresponding IPs. This is an excellent option for resellers.

There is a one-time set-up fee of $25 per order. After that the monthly cost is $10.00/mo.

Domain Pointers

Domain pointers are additional domain names that “forward” web traffic to your account. For example, your primary account domain might be mydomainname.com and then you might add a domain pointer called mydomainname2.com that forwards visitors to the same website. It is also possible to setup a special domain pointer that sends visitors to a subfolder of your account, so you can send visitors to a separate sub-website in that folder instead of the main web root (public_html or htdocs) folder.

There is a one-time set-up fee of $25 for each domain pointer. Monthly fees for special domain pointers (to sub folders) start at $5/month. Some account types may include benefits such as 1 free domain pointer. Contact us to arrange additional domain names on your account. This does not include registration fees associated with the ownership/registration of each domain.

Upgrades / Downgrades (Plan Changes)

Upgrade fees are calculated using the difference between the set-up and recurring fees of the former plan and the new plan. If your new plan and former plan have the exact same set-up fee, then your upgrade set-up fee is $0. There will be a $15 fee for account downgrades.