Technical FAQ

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CGI Programming and Other Scripts
How do I implement custom cgi scripts?
Where can I find documentation for preinstalled scripts?
How do I set different permissions to files and directories?
How do I implement client-side imagemaps?
How do I implement server side includes (SSI)?
When calling a script with SSI, should I use ‘include virtual’ or ‘exec cgi’?
What is meant by JDK Support? Do you support JSP or Tomcat?
File Access/File Upload
How do I setup additional FTP user(s) and limit their access to certain folders?
When I use the File Manager feature in my Control Panel, why doesn’t my file upload?
I just uploaded my homepage called “index.htm” and when I visit my site in a web browser I still see your company logo and some instructions. How do I get rid of the default page you created for my account?
What will happen if my account exceeds the disk space limit for my plan?
How can I monitor my data transfer or disk space usage?
I noticed my stats are taking up a lot of my disk space as my site grows larger. Can I back up or delete my statistics?
Web Server Setup and Security
How do I password protect directories?
Can I restrict access to one particular web page with password protection?
How do I prevent unauthorized parties from linking to my image files?
Why do I receive a “custom access” error when trying to use the image protection feature?
How do I specify my own “File not found”, “Access forbidden”, and “Internal error” page?
How do I customize the Apache configuration for my account?
How do I enable error logging for my account?
How do I include Audio or Video in my web page?
Secure Server Access and Online Transactions
How do I implement Secure Server Access?
How do I obtain my own SSL certificate?
Can I order a renewal for my existing SSL certificate, if it is currently with another company?
What is the difference between a 128-bit certificate and a 40-bit or other type of product?
What is the general process for acquiring my own SSL certificate through Webii?
I received my CSR and submitted it along with my registration code as instructed. Why isn’t the certificate working on my web site yet?
Can I change the “common name” of my SSL certificate?
How can I check and see if my version of TLS is supported?
Database Related Questions
How do I setup a database?
What is the hostname I should use to connect to my database?
What resources are available to assist me with my database tasks?
Can I host a Microsoft database on my account at Webii?
I changed my password and now I can’t get into the Database Manager.
Other Questions
What is “Virtual DNS” and how do I set it up for each of my domain names?
How can I automatically redirect a visitor from one page to another page in my site?
Why are my site statistics inaccessible?
How can I easily create a backup of my Website?
What files are not available through the Control Panel restore backup feature?
I accidentally deleted all my email. Can I restore the email messages from backup?
How to perform a traceroute?
Why did I receive an email about Verifying my Domain (ICANN)?
How do I create an Under Construction page for my site?