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ACCESSORIES: Order AN SSL Certificate

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An SSL certificate adds a layer of security protection to your website.  It uses encryption technology to protect sensitive information being passed over the Web.  SSL is usually a feature required by financial institutions if you are accepting transactions on your website, or if you are handling any other sensitive data through web forms.

Our SSL certificates are issued by Digicert (Geotrust) and include 256bit encryption.

To request an SSL certificate from WEBii, please fill out the following form.
*The information must be exactly right to process your order successfully. Please refer to the definitions at the bottom of this page for help.


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Explanation of the form fields you will need to complete:


COMMON NAME: The server's fully qualified domain name (It must be registered to the organization specified in that field), in the format: www.company.com (www2.company.net, company.com, www.name.edu, and so on). Note: you cannot use the symbols "*" or "?" as part of your common name. The "common name" will be the name of your certificate.

ORGANIZATION/COMPANY: The legal name under which your organization is registered. Do NOT abbreviate.

Organizational Unit (Optional): This is used to differentiate between organizational divisions. Also for Doing Business As... names. Do NOT abbreviate.

CITY/LOCAL: The city in which your organization is legally located. Do NOT abbreviate.

STATE/PROVINCE: The complete name of the state or province where your organization is located.

COUNTRY: The two-character ISO-format country code. For example, GB for Great Britain and US for the United States.

E-mail Address: Your E-mail address where you receive your mail. Your "CSR" will be sent to this address.

Technical Contact: The person who should receive the certificate and who will provide notice if the Digital ID is compromised. (For example, this may be your organization's webmaster or the appropriate technical support representative at your Internet service provider.) Renewal notices are sent to both the technical and organizational contacts.

Organizational Contact: The person within your organization who will take responsibility for the certificate and provide organizational information. (For example, this may be your organization's CEO or the appropriate support person. The organizational contact must be a member of your organization, not a representative of your Internet Service Provider.) Renewal notices are sent to both the technical and organizational contacts.


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