What is my SMTP/outgoing mail server?

Your SMTP or “outgoing” email server is provided by your ISP (the company you use to connect to the Internet). You should contact your ISP for the correct SMTP server. Most ISPs today require that you use their own email services for the outgoing/SMTP settings in your email program.

While most Internet connection providers offer SMTP/Outgoing mail services to their users, this service is unavailable to some subscribers, such as to those who travel frequently. To help accommodate these cases, WEBii provides an alternative SMTP/Outgoing Mail service.

If your current Internet provider does not offer SMTP/Outgoing Mail services, please login to your cPanel control panel and review the recommended settings under Email Accounts.

If you are looking for another easy method of accessing email on the road, you might try a webmail or cloud based email program. A webmail program option is available inside your cPanel features.