Web Site Tool Box (Windows)

This option provides a short cut to commonly used options in the Control Panel.

By selecting the “Setup Email Accounts” option, you will visit the Email Setup area. Click here for instructions on Email Settings.

The “Server Admin Email” contact is the same contact noted in the User Profile. Selecting the “edit” link will send you to the current User Profile. Click here to learn about the User Profile.

The FrontPage Extensions section allows you to install FrontPage extensions to your account, if they are not already installed. Installing them will allow you to use the Microsoft FrontPage program to edit your site.  Similarly, the “uninstall” option allows you to remove the extensions if you no longer need to use FrontPage to administer your web site; the “reinstall” button is helpful for setting up the extensions again, in case they may have stopped working or if you need to reset certain settings for your FrontPage program.