I lost my master account password/ftp password!

Since FTP passwords are securely encrypted, we cannot look up and provide your current password to you. However, if you have misplaced your Control Panel/FTP password, you may request for it to be reset and emailed to the address on file for your account. Please email this request to support@webii.net and remember to include your domain name in the body of the email.

Please note that resetting your Control Panel password does not reset your FrontPage password, since the FrontPage password is usually administered through the program itself. If you have lost your FrontPage password as well, make sure to mention this in your request to reset your account password. As an alternative, you may remove and reinstall your FrontPage extensions.

Note regarding identity verification: By normal procedure, Webii will email the new/reset password to the official email address on file for the account (the authorized recipient). If this information is outdated, it may be necessary to submit proving documents of the requestor’s contact information. Please contact us in these circumstances.