Domain Registration/ Site Reserve FAQ

If you have questions concerning the purchase of a brand new Domain Name, here is where you would find it. Along with web hosting, domain registration, and web development, we also offer SEO Services as well. To find out more, please call us at 512-241-1777!

If you register my domain name for me, will I own the name or will it be owned by WEBii?
How long does Webii register the domain name for?
I just signed up a new Web Hosting account with WEBii and you registered my new domain name with your SiteReserve.com service. How do I access the domain name registration records to update my password?
Why does my credit card bill say there is a charge from WebXess, Inc. ?
What will happen when my domain name is up for renewal?
My domain name expired! How can I access my website now?
My domain name expired and someone else registered it! What do I do?
I would like to register a non-us domain or a .edu or .gov domain name. Can you do that for me?
I have a non-us domain name or special interest domain name (like .edu). Can you host my web site?
Will you automatically renew my domain name when my hosting account is renewed?
Where can I edit DNS Records for my domain?