Why can’t I access my site statistics?

If you web statistics suddenly appear to be missing, or if they produce a “page not found” error when you attempt to access them, it may be due to an accidental deletion of the ‘stats’ directory in your account. The /stats directory must be present in your account to collect and store the statistical information such as hits, sessions, and download activity. Occasionally, a customer may delete this directory, causing the statistics program to become disabled.

To re-enable your statistics, simply recreate the /stats directory within the /public_html directory of your account. You statistics will begin to generate again within 24 hours. (Any previous statistical information will not be accessible through the httpanalyze program.)

If you need to view the previous statistics for your account, you may also download your raw access log files (located in the “site statistics” area of your control panel or in the /logs folder), unzip these log files and import them into an analyzation program to view the statistical information.