What is Webhosting?

In order to get the most value out of a product, you should first know what you are buying. Allow us to briefly summarize what a web host does.

First, let us help you distinguish between different services you may need:

There are a few things involved in starting a web page. The domain name is the “url” that you choose for your site, in other words, your site’s address (such as myname.com). The web designer or “webmaster” is the individual or company who creates the look and functionality of your site (sometimes, this might be yourself). Your Internet service provider (ISP) is the company that offers you a way to connect to the Internet (dial up, cable, DSL, etc.) in order to be able to search and surf the web and to send email.

The Web Host (like WEBii) is the company that provides space on a server for your site to reside. In order for your site to be seen on the Internet by visitors, the files and graphics must be stored on a server that is connected to the Internet. It’s a lot like “renting” space where your site can live. In addition to the server space, the Host provides other tools such as data transfer (bandwidth) which allows traffic to and from your website; FTP access which allows you to upload new files and graphics to your site; and many other bells and whistles.

But what is the difference between one Web Host and the next?

Quality service – both in the customer service department and in the technology aspects – is important for your website’s performance. This can mean the level of attention you receive from technical support staff, as well as the quality of hardware and software used for the Web Host’s network. Click here for reasons to Choose WEBii over other providers.

A Brief Description of E-commerce
E-commerce technology allows companies to sell products or services through a web site. An E-commerce enabled web site is often referred to as an “online store”. There are two main advantages to selling through an online store: (a) the overhead is much lower than the costs for a physical store front; and (b) you can easily reach customers from all over the world, rather than limiting yourself to a specific geographical location. To learn more about E-commerce, read our FAQ.

More About Domain Names
In order to use a unique domain name for your site, you must register that name as your own with an authorized Registrar. This process ensures that only one individual or company may own a domain name, and that each domain name remains active on the Internet (allowing Internet users to visit the sites associated with them).

WEBii.net offers this service as a bonus for our hosting customers, by means of our registration department SiteReserve.com. You may also choose to register and reserve a name and wait until you complete the design process before you purchase hosting. If a domain name is shown as “unavailable” it is already owned by someone else, and you must either negotiate with that owner directly or choose an alternative name. You can only transfer a domain name that you currently own. Domain names are purchased for limited time periods (ie:2 years), so that at the end of the period you may choose to renew or discontinue your ownership.

How do I know which plan type I need?

While every website is different, we have put together a series of questions and answers which might help you decide what type of web hosting plan you should choose. Check out our Pre-Sale FAQ here. Or feel free to consult our Sales Department at 888-932-9377 for suggestions.

More Help
For answers to other questions, you may visit our support page. If you are unable to find answers there, feel free to click on the link in the top right corner for live assistance.