What is the general process for acquiring my own SSL certificate through Webii?

After you have placed your order and payment information through our convenient online form, Webii will generate your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and email it to the individual specified in your order.

We will also push your order to DigiCert (formerly Geotrust), who will generate a special “registration code” and send it in a separate email.

The contact person will then visit www.certificateregistration.com, and follow the very detailed instruction provided in the CSR email.

If needed, the customer will then be contacted by DigiCert to provide necessary company registration, financial information, or other such documents. Once all requested documents have been received, DigiCert will generate the final certificate within 48 hours. The customer will then receive the completed certificate by email.

The customer must forward/send a copy of the completed certificate email to Webii for installation into their web site account.