What is the difference between POP email accounts, email forwarders, and autoresponders?

POP Email Accounts

POP email accounts are mailboxes used for your domain which are stored on the server and downloaded from the server directly. Click here for further instructions on setting up a new POP email account through your cPanel Control Panel. A person may set up a POP3 account and retrieve their mail using a program on their desktop or mobile device. Click here for instructions on how to set up your email programs.

Email Forwarders

An Email Forwarder/Alias is an email address in which all emails are automatically forwarded to an alternative existing email account. In most cases, a forwarder is just a vanity address and not an actual mailbox that stores messages. For instance, you may forward all emails addressed to info@youdomain.com to automatically arrive at someotheremailuser@gmail.com. Click here for further instructions on setting up an Email Forwarder.

Autoresponder Email

An Autoresponder is an email address that will automatically reply to someone with a pre-determined response. Click here for further instructions on setting up autoresponders.