What does Webii offer with its SMTP/Outgoing Mail services?

Our SMTP service allows our web hosting customers to send out email using our server resources. In order to provide a secure form of SMTP service and help to prevent email abuse, Webii utilizes a username/password authentication method.

Many ISP’s (your Internet connection provider) already provide SMTP services to their customers, in which case it may not be necessary to change SMTP settings in your email program. There is no fee to use Webii SMTP services, however you will need a compatible email program to take advantage of this feature.

It is important to select strong email passwords for each of your POP3 accounts when utilizing this Outgoing/SMTP service. We suggest that you choose an alphanumeric combination with random characters, which may not be easily guessed. Please note that all customers are responsible for our AUP, including our policies regarding “spam”.

You may read the AUP at: https://www.webii.net/support/accepteduse.html