What can Webii do to help me prevent receiving spam?

Although we cannot completely prevent “spam” or unwanted emails from reaching your inbox, we do offer a spam filter and other options in your cPanel, that you can self-configure to minimize the problem.

Configure Spam Filters

  1. In your cPanel, look under Email options.
  2. Click on Spam Filters.
  3. The next page provides a Spam filtering service option that may be enabled or disabled. When this is enabled, a popular spam filtering service will automatically block or filter certain messages that it deems suspicious.

cPanel Spam Filters

cPanel Process Spam

Configure Other Email Filtering Rules

  1. In your CPanel, look under Email options.
  2. Click Email Accounts.
  3. Click Manage beside your email address.
  4. On the right side, refer to the Email Filters option.
  5. Use the rules functions to set up your own custom rules to filter certain types of messages.


CPanel Email Rules