WEBii Releases E-Book to Help Small Businesses Learn How to Blog

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 | Press

AUSTIN, Texas (August 24, 2010) – Austin-based web hosting and development provider, WEBii, released an e-book this week to help small business owners and their staff understand blogging basics. The e-book, “Blog Inspirations: A Business Blogging Guide and Tracking Sheet,” is free and available for download online.

The easy-to-use blogging guide contains twelve re-useable blog topic suggestions and real-world example blog posts. The guide explores misconceptions about maintaining a blog and provides tips on how to conquer blog writing fears.

“The appeal of blogging is inspiring all sorts of creators to share their voices, but some don’t know how to get started. We wanted to create a resource for these people, something to show that maintaining a business blog does not have to be overwhelming,” states Jacqueline Sinex, Project Manager at WEBii.

WEBii knows that blogging is not only about writing quality content, but also about writing on a regular basis, which is why they included a blog post tracking sheet in the guide. The tracking sheet helps readers schedule their blog posts to occur on a consistent basis, at a pace that works with their business.

“There is no one-size-fits-all for blogs. We hope that our e-book helps small businesses move progressively toward their own online marketing plan,” states Sinex.

Established in 1996, WEBii has 15 years of experience providing quality web hosting, development, web design, and search engine optimization services to individuals and small to medium sized-businesses in Austin and beyond. WEBii strives to bring customers all the “big business resources” they need, while still holding true to their “small business attitude.” The company can be reached at (512) 241-1777 or online at www.webii.net.