WEBii Named Top 5 Website Developer (2013 Issue)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 | Press

Austin, TX – In a recent 2013 survey by The Austin Business Journal, WEBii was recognized as one of the top 5 web design and development companies of the 2012 business year.  The survey considered information related to the performance of each company in the area of web design services.  It did not consider business activity related to other types of services the companies might offer.

Among the top performing companies that were recognized, WEBii was the third most established, having started business in 1996.

“We attribute our success to our diversity of customers and our willingness to continue an excellent level of customer service to small and medium sized businesses,” said Jacqueline Sinex, Project Manager.

More details can be found on The Austin Business Journal website.

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