WEBii Launches Websites for Revered Fire Department

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 | Press

Austin, TX, October 6, 2017: Austin-based web development agency WEBii recently launched two new web presences for Travis County Emergency Service District 2, also known as The Pflugerville Fire Department.

Since its conception in 1955, The Pflugerville Fire Department, Emergency District 2 has protected and cared for citizens in the direst of situations across a vast area of Travis County. The department works 24/7 to ensure that fire suppression, fire prevention, and first response medical care are immediately available when they are needed. The organization was in need of a redesigned website to offer essential information that is easily navigable and more efficient.

WEBii made changes to enhance the mobile experience and accessibility, modernize the web design, simplify navigation, and provide easy-to-use content management tools. Visitors to the site are now greeted with a smoother experience. The site also provides improved real-time “fire danger” and “burn ban” status information to easily check potential danger in the Pflugerville area. The website is a fantastic resource for the 120,000 people that are served by the Pflugerville Fire Department.

Another notable update that WEBii facilitated was the redevelopment of an intranet tool for employees. The improved intranet portal now has modern tools and allows for easier mobile accessibility. This provides a resource for better organization within the fire department. Communication within the fire department is now simpler and more effective thanks to this update.

WEBii is excited to unveil these improvements alongside The Pflugerville Fire Department, ESD #2. The redevelopment of the intranet and the redevelopment of the website are the perfect opportunities to strengthen and modernize interactions in the community and with employees who are making a difference to keep communities safe.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to explore or share their story at http://www.pflugervillefire.org/.

About Pflugerville Fire Department

Travis County ESD No. 2 / Pflugerville Fire Department has a great responsibility in providing fire suppression, fire prevention, and first response emergency medical care covering 100 square miles with personnel and equipment from four fire stations ready 24 hours a day.

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