WEBii Acquires Appsite Hosting/Dell Host Customers

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 | Press

Austin, TX. September 2004. Austin-based web hosting and development provider WEBii.net (WebXess, Inc.) recently finalized the acquisition of shared web hosting and e-commerce hosting accounts formerly serviced by AppSite Hosting (VeriCenter) and Dellhost. After months of planning, the service transition to WEBii.net was completed in early September.

Since it’s establishment in 1996, WEBii has specialized in shared web hosting services, and was therefore recognized by VeriCenter as a suitable partner to adopt the accounts.  While WEBii maintains high standards in shared web hosting services, VeriCenter will refocus its concentration on dedicated managed hosting solutions.

“We are honored and excited to be serving these customers for their web hosting needs. Many of these business-rated web sites will benefit from our reliable customer service, “ says WebXess President Lui Chan.  “While we are large enough to serve them effectively, we are also small enough to care about their individual needs.”

Webii.net (WebXess, Inc.) has vast experience in web hosting and is a leading provider in today’s web hosting industry. The company is known industry-wide for its reliable technical support and maintains a consistent hosting experience for web site owners.  Migrated accounts range from informative and organizational web sites to popular e-commerce storefronts. WEBii has received positive feedback from many of the migrated customers.

“Our goal was to select a provider who we felt could offer the unique attention required to serve shared web hosting customers, “ states Gray Hall, President and CEO for VeriCenter. “We are confident that WEBii can deliver the quality service that these customers deserve.”

WebXess, Inc. (also known as WEBii.net) was established in 1996 with the mission of bringing high-quality web hosting services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in Austin, Texas, and around the world.  The company has seen extensive growth in web hosting, custom web development, domain name registration, and internet-related consulting. As one of the first and most experienced hosting providers, WebXess provides its award-winning customer service to businesses all over the world.

VeriCenter is the largest profitable enterprise managed services provider in the United States, delivering advanced operating infrastructure for hosting critical business applications, enabling utility computing and providing disaster recovery solutions. VeriCenter’s OpCenter suite of enterprise hosting services allows customers to tailor the hardware and services to fit their unique requirements.