VPS Hosting Solutions

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Reliable Virtual Private Server web hosting provides fully managed support and added server resources.

If our web hosting packages do not provide quite enough space or bandwidth for your site’s needs, a VPS solution may be a great fit. With our VPS options, you can enjoy more resources and performance than a standard shared web hosting plan, and still enjoy our excellent technical support and fully managed server administration. VPS solutions are ideal for customers in growth mode who don’t yet need a full dedicated server.

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a popular solution for growth-driven sites that are somewhere in between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. Shared web hosting is usually for smaller and simpler sites that do not require a lot of disk space and bandwidth and that do not have custom software to run. The shared environment may be great for small websites, but very limiting for sites that need more resources. Moving to a managed dedicated server provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and resources, yet is usually a big jump in cost and responsibility for a business. So, a VPS provides that bridge into the increased flexibility and more server power.

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