Virtual DNS / Virtual Nameservers

“Virtual DNS” allows you to customize your own nameservers for your domain name. For example: your domain name probably currently points to NS1.WEBXESS.NET and NS2.WEBXESS.NET in the “Whois” record of your domain name. With Virtual DNS, you can create customized nameserver information such as: NS1.yourdomain.com and NS2.yourdomain.com. This is an excellent option for Resellers.

This service is offered as an add-on, at a rate of $25 setup and $10 per month. Each custom nameserver address includes its own unique IP address. Each order includes two nameserver addresses with corresponding IPs.

Please note that after you have ordered this service for your account, you must update the “whois” record with your current Domain Registrar to reflect the new nameserver addresses. If you are a Reseller or if you have multiple domain names, you will need to update the Registrar’s whois record for each of those domain names.

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