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More testimonials from WEBii customers continued!

Hi!  I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for the help that Ray has provided on a few recent occasions.  He is always prompt, courteous, and patient when I have a question regarding my site that you guys have been hosting for a number of years.  I used to work in several management positions and I know that it’s important to hear these things about your employees. Thanks!

Jason Crouch, Realtor

I have been with your company for some time and have never experienced a problem with my account. I have been with several hosting companies and have experienced all sort of problems that caused my site to be down. Not so with Webii, my site is always up.  I have experienced some terrible phone support but [at Webii] everyone is always friendly and willing to help.

Marlon Martin, M-Productions

Thank you so much for all the help you provide, high quality customer service.


Several years have passed since I began having my site hosted with WebXess and in those years I have referred all of my clients to WebXess for their hosting services needs as well. I continue to be 100% satisfied with the services you offer for the rates you charge and I’m especially impressed with your outstanding technical support.

Clark Bortree

To Whom it may Concern:

Our corporation is solely responsible for the evaluation of Customer Service and the Customer Experience. We usually report this feedback directly to the parent company. I’d like to think we are one of the Best in our industry.

Furthermore, my personal experience with the internet, including the use at least 15 different Internet Host providers for my 20+ domains, lends some credibility to what I’m about to report. All too often, Internet Host services providers ( ISP’s) publish this beautiful page of features available with their service and once you’re signed up you find out how screwed you really are. Next comes ” Zero ” support, inconsistent servers, and to say the least, enough frustration to power a small city…

Which brings me to my point. I Wholeheartedly believe in giving credit where credit is due… Our corporation uses an Austin based ISP by the name of WEBII or http://Webii.net. We have used their service for about two months now, and I have nothing but Positive things to say about them. And my business requirements in our ISP generally requires a little bit more than most clients for initial set up. However the Webii Support and Sales teams always remained ready and willing. We almost went with DellHost.com for this service. In weighing the Webii features and benefits like price lock, current hardware / software compatibility, support availability and server up-time, we determined Webii to be a more “Complete Host.” Now months later, I am Very Happy with the service provided by Webii or http://Webii.net and would Highly Recommend their services to any business who needs Reasonable, Premium hosting services.


R.  Wilson
Undercover ShoppersRus, Inc.

I have to say that I used to host with a local firm here in St. Louis and I could never even get them on the phone much less ever get any kind of help or support from them. I was a little nervous about what kind of support I would get from an out of town firm. Obviously, my fears were unfounded. You’ve been a tremedous help today – thank you VERY much! :)


You guys are AWESOME! I recently had an issue with my email that had me perplexed, mostly because I am not the most technical of people. Your great tech support team did a fabulous job helping me pinpoint the genesis of my problems-the email program.

I appreciate Webxess [Webii] because of your ability to handle all of my needs from the trivial to the mission critical. You have gained my complete support and trust. Please keep doing what you do best-creating happy customers.

Thank you,

Jonathan Sprinkles, Founder

Thanks for the quick response. The support team continues to exceed my expectations. Keep up the good work.

Jim J.

Thanks very much for your help. That seems to have worked. Also, I greatly appreciate your responsiveness. Having been a long time computer and Internet user, I generally don’t expect much from customer support and rarely resort to it. You’ve proven a great exception to the rule.


During the last five years, I have received great support from WebXess (Webii), and must give you credit for maintaining my site with almost zero downtime…I think this is a remarkable technological achievement on your part and you should be commended for it.

C. Lee

I have worked with WebXess (Webii) for over 2 1/2 years. They have provided dedicated and shared hosting solutions for 2 of our Mercantec Softcart implementations. They have provided 24 hour support and have ALWAYS been there for us with first rate, FAST customer service.

We have NEVER had any problems with WebXess (Webii) and have found them to be an invaluable asset to our company. We have recommended WebXess (Webii) to many other customers in the past and they have all thanked me time and time again.

In short, I highly recommend them to you. As for the price, you can’t beat the price, especially when you weigh in the intangibles of first rate support and quick installations. Whether you are doing a simple web site or a full on e-commerce or web application, they will promptly install things on your server if required, such as MySQL or MSQL or PHP (typically your server will already be
configured for you).

I recommend a Unix server…our’s has never required a reboot in 2 years. We have had Windows servers that had to be rebooted once a day. THAT IS NOT FUN :-)

Kind Regards,
Scott, Robust Tech

Olmnet has been using WebXess (Webii) for hosting and e-commerce for various accounts for the last three years. We do web development and e-commerce and as a result we work with various hosting and e-commerce providers. I would be very comfortable in saying that WebXess (Webii) has been and continues to be the best provider we have worked with throughout this time.

Their service is reliable, there is virtually no down time, the technical support staff is well trained, and most importantly the response time to any inquiry, request, support or other issue is by far the fastest compared to other services we have worked with. Furthermore I would say that is it well worth the price if I consider that inferior services charge about the same amounts. I would recommend WebXess (Webii) without any reservation.

Best regards,
Michael, Olmnet

…I certainly do appreciate it. It’s simply another example of the excellent, unbelievably speedy personal service I’ve become accustomed to over the four years or so I’ve had hosting accounts with WebXess (Webii). Actually, I’ve had very few dealings with you because nothing ever goes wrong.

You can’t imagine what an absolute joy and delight I take in dealing with a company in these times without having to negotiate a voice-menu and/or voice-mail system just to try to talk to a human being, or without having to wait days for a reply to an email. WebXess’s down-home customer-relations policies are a sterling example from which thousands of other companies could learn a valuable lesson.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again to anyone in the market for a web host: WebXess (Webii) is a world-class host and a better one simply doesn’t exist — anywhere…

Kindest regards.

I own a company that utilizes one of your e-commerce plans and I must say that after using two other web hosting companies who were awful, I was so happy to have Mercantec refer me to your company.  I have been so pleased with the service and support.

-Lynn Of all of the hosting places I looked at, and of all the other places that myself or my friends have used in the past, you are by far the best thing out there.

Whenever I had a problem, even when it wasn’t directly your responsibility, your company always came through, especially where others didn’t.

I remember the first days of setting up ibill on the site with their very faulty instructions, scripts and programmer/helpers. ibill had things so messed up I was besides myself, but all it took was an email to your support staff and they walked me through the correct way of doing things and fixed all of the problems ibill had with their own system for me.

Customer service and reliability has always been number 1 with you…

Best of luck and wishes,

Thank you very much. I didn’t realize I could delete those files. In fact, I wondered what they were about. I am not exactly an expert. Your support is absolutely excellent. My problem is solved and I am wiser.


..I have found another client for you guys and I expect the same excellent service you have provided us for the past few years. You guys are the very good and have excellent customer service. I have been telling my company about you guys and have convinced them to change from PacBell to your hosting services.

Best regards,

Man, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the prompt service. I can see that I made the right choice in webhosts.


As usual, thank you for the speedy response and awesome service!

Have a great day,


Thank you so much for responding to our needs so quickly. Our client was panicking, but now they are able to relax! We really appreciate your responsive to all of the emergency situations we always seem to have!

Its great to have someone like you to work with!

Danielle, Career Communications, Inc.

Let me just say first off that your support has been great so far! Timely and accurate, many thanks, good customer relationship management, thank you.


I wish to thank you for the assistance provided in the resolution of
these problems. I have been extremely impressed with timeliness of
your customer service and technical support. It is above and beyond the
support received from prior ISPs playing a key role in my decision to
switch to [Webii].

Thank you again for the efforts over this weekend.

Jim Fortie

Thank you very much! This was really helpful. I never experienced such
a fast and perfect service before with any ISP.

Thanks again!

Oliver Saager

The Interactive Business Channel of Irvine, California began its
business relationship with WebXess, Inc. [Webii.net] during June of
1997. The IBC corporation became an online Internet financial company
in pursuit of developing a free financial resource center.

The Company engaged the services of [Webii] to host and promote the
Company to the investment community and general public. I found [Webii]
to be competent, knowledgeable, hard working and very reliable. Ray
Chan with WebXess is a very good business person and honorable, he
understands the needs of his clients.

[Webii] hosting service has been 110% reliable and effective for IBC
since the start of the relationship. The IBC web site has grown at a
tremendous rate over the past year exceeding over 30,000 hits per day.
With such a drastic increase in traffic comes growth and expansion.
WebXess has assisted our Company in every aspect of these phases with
exceptional support. I highly recommend [them] to anyone.

Brian Hill
The Interactive Business Channel, Inc.

In March, 1998 WebXess (Webii) established and has continued to provide service for “advico.com”. This firm is active in commercial real estate, primarily providing advice and advocacy regarding site selection, property sales, facilities planning, and governmental matters. We have limited understanding of the technical services you provide.

I have been very pleased with WebXess and would recommend it to anyone. It has always been very knowledgeable, helpful, instructive, and responsive in a timely manner.

M. Wood, Dallas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for service beyond
compare!! I know I was a very “picky” consumer but you worked with me
every step of the way and never complained. Your patience, your
knowledge of your business and your utmost professionalism showed in
every facet of the design process of my web page.
I am and will continue to recommend [Webii] to my colleagues and

Maggie Falvey

I can’t believe how efficient you people are. This is unreal, I have
been trying to get this done through one of my local ISP’s for two
months now. You have it done in less than twelve hours. I am truly
looking forward to a long and prosperous future with you folks.


Bill —-

Thanks for your help on this. I certainly do appreciate your “going the
extra mile” and making sure that all the files were present in the
proper directories. The WWWBoard seems to be working fine now.

This is great technical support!!

Pat McGuire

It’s all up and running, perfectly I’m nearly sure now. At around 6:30
I put in links on the old server to the new one. In less than a minute
two members were in the new chat. I think the transfer went excellent.
Thank you very, very much for all your help and attention. Please thank
for me everyone else at [Webii] who worked to make this go right.


Scotty J.

We are a very satisfied customer of yours and brag about you
frequently. You host our website. 3rd host we’ve had, and you’re the

Thanks much …….. Steve

I have to say…it’s so much nicer asking questions and interacting
with you as opposed to the guys at Zilker! I really like the way you
guys do business and the attitude toward your customers. I’m looking
forward to developing a good working relationship with you guys,
because I’m planning on staying with WebXess and becoming a big

Thanks again…


I like everything…there is nothing to dislike. [Webii is] the best
service provider I have come across in 10 years of using the net… The
pricing is VERY fair, the support is excellent, you guys are easy to
get a hold of, changes and requests are quickly addressed, and your
tech support are helpful and polite in every way possible.

Scott A

Once again I’m blown away by your service and trust (and after a
weekend of reading Tom Peters’ The Pursuit of Wow! and The Tom
Peters Seminar where he continually discusses the need for firms to
stand out, well, Webxess (Webii) truly meets his requirements, especially the
help department!)

Alex Burns

I am very pleased with your service. You are an excellent value and we
appreciate all your efforts.


You folks got things done much faster than I expected and I do not have
much time to devote to this right now. ( This is a compliment, not a


..thank you for what has proved to be excellent service.


Thanks for the expedited service. I look forward to a productive


Thanks….It’s perfect. We really appreciate your help. If you need
anything from us or me, please feel free to call – and ask – anytime.


Thank you for your help. It worked like a charm. And your response time
is out of this world! :-)

Robyn M.

Thank you for your efforts in helping me, I really appreciate your
precision and speed in giving answers. If you guys come to Marseille,
we’ll open a bottle of good Champagne to thank you for your help!!


Your virtual servers are much faster than my other supplier which is
Adgrafix. Things move so smoothly that I almost regret using them for
six months and not finding your company first….

D. Brown

Thank you. I really like the services at WebXess (Webii).


I’m am finding that choosing a Virtual Domain Host is a frustrating
experience, but I feel it is also extremely important. [Webii.net] is
obviously a company of high quality in a vast ocean of ISP wannabees.

Steve Lienhard

Your support and service has been excellent! Keep up the good work.

Mike Guigliano

Wow! You guys are FAST, aren’t you? And treating the order the way you
did is another example of your excellent customer service, which is why
I’m more than happy to give your company a good word, and am looking
forward to a long and productive working relationship.

Alex Burns
Dreamscape Press

I would like to thank you for your fast response time when I needed
help, and for the many options you offer. I will continue to recommend
you to clients who need a highly professional web service provider.

M L Shannon

thanks much…. I’m impressed by your immediate response time.
That’s worth a great deal to me. In just beginning this venture, there
are a million other things on my mind, and having this resolved in a
timely manner means less worries on this end.

David L. Gutshall

Thanks, I wish every service I used on the web had the same level of
excellence as your company!


…..let me thank you for your quick service. I really was surprised to
have an answer so quickly, and this even during the weekend?


You always prove to me that I was right in chosing [Webii] to host my
little site! Each time I have some trouble or doubts with
technicalities with my site I find that your support never fails!



We really appreciate all of your help, your assistance continues to be
very valuable. Thanks.


Thanks again for the prompt service we are getting used to receiving
from you. You truly have been a godsend for us here at Penzeys. We
appreciate the fact that we can come to you with anything and feel
confident that you will have answers and solutions.

Thanks for everything and have a great weekend,

Brian at Penzeys

I want to thank you for the support and the hosting services so far.
They’re first-rate, and I’ve been extremely pleased with my experience.
(If you can’t tell, this is the first website I’ve put up, and your
hosting services have made it much easier than it could have been.)



[Webii] has provided the highest level of service and customer care and
contributed greatly to our success to bring both our websites to the
next level.


Thanks so much, that worked perfectly. You guys really are excellent on
your support end I really mean it. Used to work tech support for FTD
(the flower people) and I know what a tough and annoying job it can be.

Thanks again.
Nicko Sahlas