Submitting Your Site

Basic instructions for listing your new website in key online searching resources.

Lost In the Search Maze

Many new website owners simply don’t know where to start, when faced with a plethora of old and new search engines and directories. Some search tools charge recurring fees for inclusion, while others boast free listings. Just sorting through the various search engines takes time and dedication.

First, it helps to know the difference between a “search engine” and a “directory”. A search engine uses a program known as a spider or robot to “crawl” through the Internet and automatically search for web pages that include various keywords and are relevant to certain subject matters. Those web pages are then indexed by another automated program. A directory, on the other hand, uses a team of humans (sometimes volunteers) to review website content and include them in the directory’s appropriate categories. Today, many online search sites are actually a hybrid of the two, because they employ other search engines and directories to supply them with a variety of results.

Getting On Google

Google.com is considered one of the most crucial means for presence on the Internet. Unfortunately, the essence of Google can be complex, and being well-ranked is not always easy. As stated on Google.com, it is actually not necessary to submit your website’s URL to Google, as their automated system constantly crawls the Internet seeking out new additions to the vast library of results. It is stressed that good, relevant website content can help your site’s chances of becoming well recognized in Google. But as many website owners will notice, Google’s “dance” is performed on different time lines, causing many sites to go un-indexed for many months. To help Google find you more quickly, a simple online form is provided:


Submitting your URL to Google is free of charge, however it is encouraged not to submit duplicate requests. Learn more about search engine marketing.