Site Statistics

We use a program called http-analyze to track web usage statistics such as: who is accessing your web site, how many “hits” you are getting, how much data is being transferred, and more.

Clicking on “Site Statistics” will display a page where you can view your prior logs (access, error, etc.). Use the drop down menus to choose which log to view as well as the number of lines on your viewing page. You can also view the last 6 months of CPU usage and site statistics. Click here for more information on error logs.

The email notification feature automatically sends an email to the contact person specified when your data transfer exceeds a set amount. This is helpful for monitoring your data transfer activity or disk space usage, so that you may be notified before you are charged for usage exceeding your limit. (For example, if your account limit for data transfer is 6000MB per month, you might set the warning to 5000MB, so that you can be aware of when your web site is approaching it’s limit.)  Please note that the email notification program runs once per day. If you web site exceeds the notification amount that you specified very quickly (within 24 hours), you may receive a notice that reports you have reached beyond the limit you specified; sometimes it is best to set your notification amount to much less than your account limit.

Please note there may be additional charges accrued for data transfer overage; notices regarding overage charges are sent out at the end of each month. The email notification feature is a great way to keep in touch with your usage amounts and plan for the future. If you are aware that your site will be experiencing high traffic in advance, you may purchase extra data transfer in advance for a low price of $25 per 1000MB. Please see our add ons page for more info.
For an understanding of the various types of statistics in the program, view a definition chart at: http://www.http-analyze.org/results.html