Setup Options

This feature allows you to bring up a page of server information, including Aliases, the Server Administration contact email address, and general information about your website. Here you can see whether or not SSL is available for your account and if Server Side Includes have been enabled. There are three empty fields that let you specify customizable message files for specified error pages. To use the error messages feature, simply FTP (upload) html documents to our servers that have the error messages you would like to display. Then, type the file names into the provided fields.

The error documents need to include the document’s path relative to the /htdocs directory.

For example,
if the file is in htdocs, the path should be: /file.html
if the file is within a sub directory of /htdocs, it should be: /subdirectory/file.html

Note on custom error messages: In IE browsers, the default setting for “friendly warning” may be enabled. This means that the user will always see the default IE “Page Not Found” error instead of your custom error messages. The only way to prevent this is for the user to uncheck the “friendly warning” feature in their browser.

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