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Automated SEO software doesn’t cut it.

When search engines first began, search technology was immature and riddled with spam.  Old SEO tactics were less strategic and are easy to automate.  Today, search engines like Google and Bing are much smarter and understandably focused on providing relevant information to their users.  This means they focus more on recognizing quality websites with truly quality content, and they look for signs that the website is relevant and reputable for certain topics.

You simply cannot automate the process of getting good SEO results.

SEO automation and management

It requires time and attention to detail, good research, keeping up with current trends and changes in search engine technologies, and good content writing.  There are many automated software programs offered by companies today, who will sell you “search engine submissions” for a low monthly price.  However, these automated tools are not able to react intellectually to changes in search engines and they cannot recognize quality content the way a human can.  Your website will never be sophisticated if a program is generating content, and search engines can easily identify robotic tactics.  Some of the techniques used by automated SEO programs might even hurt your website in search rankings, or cause it to be black listed for spammy techniques.

As search engines trend more and more toward content and community engagement, we must revise our marketing accordingly.  WEBii schedules several man hours each day for each of its search engine optimization clients.


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