PowerWeb Builder FAQ

This is no longer offered to our newer Webii customers. This is a Legacy feature.

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General Questions
Can I upgrade my current SoftCart store to the PowerSoftCart version?
How can I create more pages in PowerWebBuilder?
Can I take credit cards online with PowerCommerce plans?
Can I implement PowerCommerce into an existing site design?
How can I add “buy now” buttons to my current site design?
eBay Marketplace Manager Questions
What type of fees do I have to pay for my listing?
What types of listings are supported?
How do I set a “Buy It Now Price”?
How do I set a reserve for the item that I am selling?
What do I do after the auction has closed?
PowerWebBuilder Questions
What are elements?
How do I edit the text on any page in my website?
How do I add new text to any page in my website?
How do I add new elements to any page in my website?
How do I rename a page?
How do I delete a page?
When I try to delete an existing page, I see a message that says, “there are no pages to delete”.
How do I move elements around on a page in my website?
How can I change the look and feel of my website?
How do I create a custom template for my website?
Can I use Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc. to create templates?
How do I turn off the flash intro?
Can I edit the flash intro design in more detail?
After I have added a couple of custom pages to the website, I can’t change the actual name of the page, so it appears as “custom ####” on the website.
Why don’t the edits I saved to my page in PowerWebBuilder show up on the web site?
The changes I made to my design template are not showing up on the live pages.
Why aren’t my Web Log edits showing up on the live site?
The dates for my Web Log posts are displaying with strange characters.
I tried to edit the “order complete” page with my own text but the changes are reflecting on the final order page.
Can I edit the text before the Order ID on the confirmation page?
Why does my navigation bar look different on one of my pages?
How do I delete a product?
I created other informational pages in another program (not in PowerWebBuilder). Can I edit them in the PowerWebBuilder like my shopping pages?
Every time I republish design changes in PowerWebBuilder my custom-created homepage gets replaced with a redirect page. How do I prevent this?
Do I have to republish the web site every time I edit shipping or tax information?
How does “shopper-set pricing” work?
How do I get a special attribute to show up on my product’s page?
Why are there so many shipping charges in the shopping cart?
How do I add in a direct link to a product page inside the store?
How do I add in a direct link to a product page outside the store?
Where can I see previews or demos of PowerCommerce?
Click here for some introductory information about PowerCommerce.
Click here to view an example PowerCommerce web site created by Webii.