POP3 Email

For the new Control Panel instructions (Unix customers) click here

Instructions below are for Windows interface/old control panel interface design:

A POP3 email refers to email in which the user will be checking his/her email directly from the email account on our server. Email addresses specified here may not also be specified as a forwarder or autoresponder.

To setup a POP3 account click “Add a POP email account”, then enter a user id and a password of your own specification.

For example:
You want to add a POP3 account for jennifer@yourdomain.com.  You type the user id: “jennifer” with a password of “ki78f3”. Good passwords are combinations of letters and numbers that are unusual and hard to guess (you should keep your password somewhere safe so that you can refer back to it in case you forget it). To send Jennifer her new email registration information, check the “Mail new password to” box and enter in Jennifer’s current email address. When finished, be sure to click “Save”.

Clicking “Modify” will allow a new password to be set for the account, while clicking “Delete” will delete the account entirely. (As long as you have the Control Panel username and password, you can reset your email passwords without having the original email password.)