My Java applets will not work inside of SoftCart. When I go to my site without using SoftCart the Java works fine but when you are on the system with SoftCart I get the following errors. Why?

When using Netscape Navigator:
“applet can’t start erro.java.lang.class.error”

When using Internet Explorer
“load:class tickertape not found”

It is possible to run applets within a storefront, however, it is necessary to use the “CODEBASE” parameter as part of the Applet tag.

Following is a sample applet code:

<applet code=”NervousText.class” codebase=”/uwest” width=200 height=50>
<param name=text value=”Your Logo Here”>

A brief summary of the Applet tag:

<applet> specifies a Java applet. Everything until the </applet> tag is part of this. If you wish to have some text displayed by browsers that do not support Java, or have Java “turned off” specify it between the <applet> and </applet> not enclosed by <>.

code= specifies the file which contains the Java “bytecodes.” You can think of this files as the complied Java program (but it’s the same on all platforms that support Java).

You can’t specify a URL here; you just specify the name of the file (usually SomeClassName.class).

codebase= Here you can specify a URL to a directory that contains the class file specified in the “code” parameter. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR CORRECT OPERATION WITHIN A SOFTCART STOREFRONT. Since the “current directory” is lost because SoftCart parses every page, it causes the “can’t start” errors described above.

You can specify it as mentioned above – with an initial ‘/’ – as in: codebase=”/store1″

codebase = “<http://www.mystore1.com/store1>”
codebase = “http://www.mystore2.com.store2/applets”

The width and height parameters simply tell the browser how much of the page to reserve for the applet.

The rest is the parameters to the Applet. These should not cause any problems, unless they specify URL’s. If they do, they should be absolute, not relative. There is not away currently to get SoftCart to parse these.