My domain name expired and someone else registered it! What do I do?

If another party has already registered the domain name, you must negotiate with that party directly to purchase the name back. Otherwise, you may opt to replace that domain name with a newly acquired or alternative domain name for your web site.

If you wish for Webii to re-setup your hosting account using a new domain name, please email us the new domain name and authorize the charge of a $35 re-setup fee for this service. Please be sure to indicate whether the domain name will need to be registered by us or if you have already registered the domain name. If we need to register the domain name as new with SiteReserve.com, there will be an additional $35 charge for registration fees.

We encourage all domain owners to keep their contact information current in the domain registration whois records in order to assure that you receive domain expiration notices. This will usually prevent loss of ownership for a domain name.