Mobile-friendly Websites

The use of mobile devices (phones and tablet computers) has grown exponentially in recent years.  In 2011, some sources estimated that over 73 Million iPhones* had been sold (since 2007).  Also during 2011, an estimated 30 Million iPads* had been sold, and some individuals consider that to be a conservative number.

So, how many of your customers are using these devices?

Limitations for Flash Websites

Broken Flash mediaIf your website is built with fancy Flash animated technologies, it might look nice to you on your standard desktop computer in the office.  But did you know that the millions of people with iPhones and iPads can’t view or use your website at all?  Many mobile devices that do not support Flash technology display a “broken” image instead of your website.  When this happens, the customer is frustrated and they have no way to review your products, services, menu or contact information.


Let WEBii help you create an updated version of your website that is easily viewed on a variety of computers and mobile devices.  Gain the trust of your busy customers as they skirt about town with their mobile phone trying to look up your business information.