What do I do if I make changes to my WordPress post but nothing happens?

Factors such as browser caching, or changes being made in incorrect locations in the file system can lead to your changes not becoming visible.


Clearing the Browser Cache 

Go to these links to clear your browsers cache.


Check the Address

Is the name and folder for the file you “fixed” the same as the one you are viewing? Look at the following two addresses (URLs).

In this case, you can probably see the difference, but when viewed in an address bar or in a text editor, you might miss the word test that sets the folder.

Always double-check url address.

Check Your Upload

When you make a change in a file, it is often on your computer’s hard drive and you have to upload the file to your host server in order to view it on the Internet. Make sure that you actually uploaded it and that it is in the right file. Is it really there? When over-writing the exact same file, it doesn’t always do a complete over-write, so consider deleting the original on the host server and then uploading the new version to make sure the right and whole thing is there.