I would like to offer gift services to the shoppers who come to my store. How can this easily be done?

You simply access the online.html page inside your template set. You will see code that looks something like this:

<font face=”ARIAL”> Please place any special shipping instructions in the box below. <br>
<textarea name=”ShippingInstructions” rows=”4″ cols=”50″ wrap=”VIRTUAL”> </textarea></font>

Change the text that says: “Please place any special shipping instructions in the box below”, to meet your needs.

It is advised to make sure that you leave the name of the tag, which is: <textarea NAME=”ShippingInstructions” as this tag is used in the back end templates. It would would require more coding to change the back end templates that the online form writes to. It is not necessarily involved, but is a lot easier to leave it since it doesn’t appear anywhere the customer could see.

For the changes to be made, generate your store with the new template file.