I received a letter from another Domain Registration company…

I received a letter from another Domain Registration company requesting payment for my domain name renewal. I don’t remember registering with them, what will happen if I remit payment with this letter? Will my web hosting switch?

Several Domain Registration companies have recently been sending out marketing letters that resemble invoices. Popular companies such as Verisign practice this type of marketing method.

Your Domain Registration services are separate from your Web Hosting services, so changes to your domain registration service would not cancel your current services with us. However, you should read any letter you receive completely, including fine print and text on the back side that may explain the nature of the proposal. In many instances, remitting payment with the renewal form provided will result in a transfer to a new domain registrar.

Please also keep in mind that domain name transfers can possibly interrupt the accessibility of your website for visitors. During the domain transfer process, it is possible that a propagation period will occur or that DNS/Nameserver information could be changed.

We recommend that you also view your current whois record for your domain name and verify what company your domain name is currently registered with. In some cases, the letter you receive may be a legitimate invoice from your current registrar. (To view your whois record, you may visitĀ www.sitereserve.com and type your domain name into the search box. On the next page, under “Existing Domains” your domain name should be listed. Click on the “WHOIS” button beside your domain name. If you have any questions about this, please emailĀ support@webii.net .)