I have published my sites to various search engines and people are going directly to my product pages without first entering the front door. When they try to buy an item they receive a file not found error message. What can I do to resolve this?

Attached is a brief JavaScript that will check to see if the shopper has been assigned a session ID and if not, automatically reload the page so that the shopper can buy the product with a cart ID. This script works in Netscape browsers 3.0 and above and IE browsers 3.0 and above as well. Please place this script in between the <head> tags in your documents.


if (location.pathname != “/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/store2/product2a.html”)
while (location.pathname != “cgi-bin/Softcart.exe/store2/products2a.html”)break// –>


You will need to modify each of these lines to reflect the following on your site:

the CGIBinDirectory:
the example is cgi-bin
the name of the executable:
the example is SoftCart.exe
the path and name of the page that you are using this script on
(this will change from page to page):
the example is for product2a.html in the store 2 directory store2/product2a.html
the configuration file that you want to invoke
the example is mystore2

This will check to see if SoftCart is in the URL (i.e. that the shopper has a session ID). If not it will automatically reload the page but invoke SoftCart and assign them a new session ID (in effect every page will have a front door link built into it).

If the shopper does have a session ID then nothing happens and the shopper continues shopping. The page does not reload and everything is fine.