I have a site with over 5,000 products and I do not want to use the user interface to enter in my products. Is there a way that I can simply upload my database to my website?

Yes. By default SoftCart reads from a tab delimited text file. Save your current database as a tab delimited text file. This is easily accomplished through most third party spreadsheet/database applications by doing a “Save As” and then specifying a tab delimited format. When you save this file, save it as product4.pdb. You can choose any name you want, but there will be additional configuring if you save the file under a different name. Once you have saved the file you will need to upload it to your server. You can do this through many applications like an FTP program or through your html editor if it supports a Publish/Upload option. You will need to upload this file to the data/shopdata/products directory on your server. The location of this directory will depend upon where the software was installed at installation time. Once you have located this directory you will then need to upload the file “product4.pdb” to this directory. If you are given an option of either uploading the file as “ASCII” or “binary,” select “ASCII” as the file format.