I am trying to access the options under the Payment Systems tab in the Store Manager. I am unable to log in with the userid and password I am specifying. Can you help me?

The userid and password are something you designated at the time you filled out the application for the merchant account. First, try to remember the password based off of the hint.

However, if you can not remember the userid, this will not work. In order for Mercantec to reset the userid/password we will need the following information submitted via fax. Our fax number is 512-241-1773. Please write “ATTN: Technical Support”. Once we have the necessary information below, we can usually have the password reset to a temporary one, same day.

Contact Person Name
Your Company
Your Domain Name/IP Address
Contact Phone Number
Contact E-mail Address
What is the URL/Address to the online store?
Physical Signature

Once we have received this information in the written document, we will submit it to Mercantec, and their technical team will proceed to reset your log in information. Please understand that it is always important to retain your login information in a safe place, so that authorized persons are able to refer to it when needed. Without this login information, no one is able to access your store’s order information.