How will you notify me if my account has exceeded it’s data transfer or disk usage limits? Is there a charge for overage?

Account owners (customers) are responsible for monitoring their data transfer (bandwidth) usage and other resource usage. However, there are features in your cPanel that will send you an automated email notification when you are approaching or over your allocations. You can log in to your cPanel anytime to review your resource usage and limits.

By default, if your account reaches its limits, the account features will be interrupted. This means that your website may be offline and your access to features may be restricted.

Your data transfer allocations reset at the beginning of each month. So, if you run out of resources during part of a month and do nothing, the resource limits will become available again at the beginning of the next month.

If you run out of resources and wish to restore the website services immediately, you must purchase additional bandwidth to increase your account allocations. To request additional services like this, email accounting@webii.net.

You may also pre-purchase additional bandwidth at any time, or request an upgrade for your account. We highly recommend monitoring your usage proactively to ensure optimal planning and performance.