How will you notify me if my account has exceeded it’s data transfer or disk usage limits? Is there a charge for overage?

By default, our system will send out an email notice (to the contact person on file for your account) at the end of each month that you experienced data transfer overage. Customers who experience data transfer activity over their account’s allocations will be charged $0.01 per MB over the limit.

If your account experiences disk space overage, an email notice will be sent describing the current usage. Many times, if an account is over its allocated disk space, vital functions (such as shopping carts) will stop functioning properly. For this and other reasons, it is important to monitor your disk space usage and upgrade when necessary.

A convenient feature in your Control Panel will also assist you in monitoring your site’s activity and help you avoid overage activity. By clicking on the “site statistics” button, you may set an email notification feature, for either data transfer activity or disk space usage. You will then receive email warnings when you have reached the amount that your specified (or if you have already surpassed that amount). This often aids customers in better planning for their web sites.

Customers who expect a greater amount of disk space usage, may purchase additional blocks of 5MB in advance at a rate of $2.50 per month. Data transfer may also be purchased in advance at the rate of $25 for each additional 1000MB/month. Planning ahead is usually less costly for website owners, while it ensures efficient performance of their sites.