How do I use your SMTP/Outgoing Mail services?

First, you must have a POP email account setup for your web hosting account. If you do not currently have one, log onto your Control Panel and set up a new POP email account. For more information on using your Control Panel, click here. Be sure to select a strong, alphanumeric password (of random characters) for your POP email account, which may not be easily guessed.

Second, contact Webii Support by email to enable the Outgoing/SMTP Mail server for your account. Please include your domain name, and verify that you have created strong POP email passwords for all of your email accounts.

Next, you need an email program that is compatible with SMTP authenticate methods. You will need to setup your email program to check and send POP emails. For some additional information on checking email from your email program, click here or consult your software’s documentation.

You then must configure your email program appropriately to use Webii’s SMTP server for each POP email address. We have provided instructions for some popular email programs below. See below for your email program’s specific instructions. If you program is not listed here, please consult your email program’s documentation or contact the software manufacturer’s support team for assistance.