How do I setup and configure OSCommerce?

First, contact Webii Technical Support at support@webii.net and ask them to enable the MySQL database for your account. Please provide them with your account’s domain name as well as your Control Panel username and password in the email.

Then, make sure that you have already installed osCommerce into your hosting account per the installation instructions (the osCommerce files should be installed in your account’s /htdocs/catalog/ directory).

After you have installed the files through the Control Panel, click on the setup link displayed by the Control Panel or visit the url http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/install/index.php

See the steps below to complete the installation script:

1) Select the ‘New Install’ button

2) Next, check the “import catalog database” and “automatic configuration” checkboxes.

3) Make sure all the Webserver Information on this page is correct in section 2

4) Next, enter your correct database information in section 3 of the install page. The WebXess MySQL database server is mysql.webxess.net, and you should have specified your database username and password when you sent an email to technical support requesting that your database be enabled. The database name is the same as your database username.* Click the “Continue” Button.

5) Next, the script will confirm a connection to your database, if it all works, click the continue button. If you get an error, you have made a mistake in your database info. Click the back button and correct your mistake.

6) Next, you will get a confirmation of successful database import. Click the continue button.

7) Next, the install script will attempt to access your configure.php files. If the permissions are wrong, you will get error messages, and a “Retry” button. Set the permissions correctly and retry.

8) The next page has more options. This is step 2 of the installation. Enter the correct web server information (this should be pre-filled out).

9) If you want to enable SSL (E-Commerce stores should have SSL enabled to ensure the security of customers’ information), check the checkbox, and confirm that all info is correct. You will need to have a Pro or higher account with Webii in order to have SSL support. If you have any questions about the correct secure path, please email Webii technical Support atsupport@webii.net

10) If you are on shared hosting, make sure the “persistent connections” box is unchecked.

11)Choose to store sessions as files or in the database and click continue.

12) In order to complete the setup of osCommerce, click the “Finalize osCommerce installation” link displayed at the end of the osCommerce setup process.

13) You will then see two links, one will take you to your store’s homepage and one will take you to your store’s admin area. You can login to your administration system by clicking on the “osCommerce Store Admin Login” link or by visiting the url:http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/admin/

The default login username is: admin and default password is: admin.

14) When you first login to your store’s administrative system, you will want to update your administrative username and password by selecting the “Configuration” option, then click the “Administrators” link and then the “Administrators” link beneath that on the left hand navigation bar.

15) Then click on the “admin” user and click the “edit” button. Update the admin username and password and click the “update” button (make sure that the “This administrator has full access” radio button is selected or you may not have access to some of the administrative features of your store).