How do I save a copy of all the messages I send to people through web mail?

You want all emails that are sent to info@mydomain.com to be received by both bob@mydomain.com and susie@aol.com . Both of these individuals will receive copies of the emails and be able to respond to them as they see fit.

Setup a “group forwarder” within the Email Settings area of your cPanel. In the group forwarder settings, click “Add a Group Forwarder”. In the appropriate field, enter Bob’s email address, then hit enter and enter Susie’s email address on the next line. Save your settings.

Keep in mind that a group forwarder cannot also be a POP mailbox, single person forwarder, or an autoresponder. In order to check email for the info@mydomain.com address, Bob or Susie must check email from their individual email addresses.