How do I pay with a faxed check? Is that legal?

One of our payment options allows customers to fax us a copy of their check for expedited payment. This is a perfectly legal and legitimate payment method which allows us to replicate a one-time draft of the specific check (for that specific check number) that you fax to us. We do NOT automatically withdraw additional drafts, such as with an ACH withdraw. Many customers appreciate this method as a faster means of submitting a check payment to our company, without having to spend any postage to mail the check.

In order to use this payment method, a customer should fax a legible copy of a specific check, with all numbers and text clearly visible to: 512-241-1773. Please fill out the check as a normal draft to Webii, with all information legible. Indicate on the fax or the memo section of the check the domain name for the account that the payment should be applied to. Also include a return phone number where we may reach you if there was any trouble with the fax transmission.

We will add this copy to our records, and the customer should keep the original check for their personal accounting records. PleaseĀ do not mail us the original check, to prevent duplicate payment processing.