How do I get my page to load automatically?

You must name your main loading file either “index.htm” or “index.html” . Be sure to name everything in lowercase, not “INDEX.HTML” . Also, this file must be located within your htdocs/ directory.

Keep in mind that by default, your hosting account has an index.html file with some basic instructions for your account and our company logo. In order for visitors to see your new index page, instead of the Webii index page, you will need to do one of the following:

A) Name you homepage “index.html” and replace the default index.html file in your account with your new file when you upload.
B) Delete the default index.html file from your account and upload your new index.html or index.htm file.

Note: .html files take precedence over .htm files. Therefore, if you leave the default Webii index.html file in your account, and you upload your new homepage file called index.htm to your account, visitors are still going to see the default Webii index.html page. In this case you should either:

A) Delete the Webii index.html default file.
B) Rename your index.htm file to “index.html”